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Aliso Viejo Middle School Science Club in collaboration with ENVIRONMENTALFORMS

ENVIRONMENTALFORMS is proud to announce that we are hosting a design charrette in collaboration with the Aliso Viejo Middle School Science Club.  The day will begin with a short introduction to Landscape Architecture, LEED and Green Apple Day, and to the morning’s activities. We will present a brief background on the local environment found in Aliso Viejo and any specific science topics that relate to the environment as directed by the science club curriculum.  The overall objectives of the event will be discussed so that everyone will know what we need as our final end of day result.

We will then break into teams (# TBD based on attendees) to start our charrette portion of the morning. We will walk the old garden site so that everyone will be familiar with the space. Each team will then receive a site plan of the proposed garden space. We will have templates of plants, box gardens, the koi pond, etc. so that the students can design their own garden. When everyone is finished, we will gather all the designs and collectively come to a consensus on a final design. This will end the day’s activities. We expect the event to last at least two hours.

ENVIRONMENTALFORMS will take the final design and transform it into a usable concept plan. Upon approval by the Science Club/AVMS we will schedule a day to construct and plant the newly designed garden with help of students and other volunteers. Potential interpretive material will be placed in the garden as well, so that the learning experience can be had by anyone visiting the garden.

Hopefully the students/parents will come away with a better understanding of our local environment and what they can do around their own home/community to make it a more sustainable place.

Stay tuned for photos and final design of the new school garden!

Learning Objectives:
-Environmental History of Aliso Viejo
-Sustainable Concepts of Planting and Irrigation
-Garner Creativity
-Consensus Building
-Site tour / analysis
-Team Work
-Understand how to read plan graphics