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It is with great pleasure that I announce the that the Horton Plaza v3.0 Redesign Competition will be exhibited in Martin Luther King Promenade Park across from the San Diego Convention Center this Tuesday November 1st 2011. The exhibit will open at 8am and be on display to the public until 5pm. On behalf of ENVIRONMENTALFORMS I would like to thank  all of our sponsors whom have made this competition possible. I would also like to congratulate all of the entrants. Out of 38 entrants 22 will be displayed during the exhibition. These designs will also be made available online at http://www.envforms.com/ideation/hpv3

Design competitions such as HPv3.0 enable each one of us to push the envelope of creative design ideation, and strengthen collaborative efforts that we believe is the backbone landscape architecture. Students, design professionals, and aspiring designers are showcased through events like HPv3.0. 

The competition winner will be announced online the morning of the exhibition.


collaborative landscape design