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ENVIRONMENTALFORMS & Urban Oasis is hosting a booth covering Sustainable Outdoors @SoCo Farmer’s Market on Saturday, 11/9! Learn about water wise planting, smart irrigation, productive landscapes, reclaimed building materials and indoor/outdoor living.  We will also be offering expert advice in exploring your sustainable outdoors & custom sustainable outdoor solutions. During our FREE design consultations, explore how our design process can help you solve any outdoor problem and benefit our environment, while creating a critical relationship/appreciation between your indoor and outdoor space, enhancing your overall home experience.

Come by and say hello! We will be there every month starting 10/12 from 9am to 2pm. Design consultation sessions are available on a first-come basis, booked online, and last 30 minutes each. Walk-ins may be available but to ensure a consultation you must book your appointment in-advance! For more information please contact Tony Ignacio at tony@envforms.com.

Note: Our consultations offer a conceptual level of detail and design. A complete design consultation considers complex issues, which require more than the allotted 30 minute session, and requires an actual site visit. However, we are available for full design and construction packages at a pre-determined cost upon request.

image source: www.socofm.com